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Why Us?

  • Safety and Security of Exchange Funds: Your qualified intermediary will be holding your funds, so it is important you have the right protections. Rodeo 1031 Exchange is powered by Exchange Manager meaning your exchange will be processed with a QI that has experience managing up to $9 billion annually in exchange transactions. Your funds will be held in a segregated escrow account and dual signature accounts are available.
  • Fidelity Bond and E&O Insurance: Rodeo Services LLC will always provide a copy of its Fidelity Bond ($50M) and Errors and Emissions insurance ($25M) some of the highest coverage in the industry and allow our clients to interact with our depositing institution. Our client’s peace of mind is our priority. Our QI meets all best practices and state regulatory requirements for fidelity bonds and errors and omissions coverage.
  • Years of Experience: Rodeo 1031 Exchange also places a great deal of importance on knowledge and experience. We will have over 40 years of active industry experience, knowledge, and countless years of education when facilitating your exchange. Rodeo Services LLC which processes our exchanges has over a century of cumulative 1031 exchange experience. The company is headed by business specialists, and we have the resources of attorneys, Certified Exchange Specialists, brokers, business experts, and accountants for each exchange whether complex or straight forward. The experienced team of professionals at Rodeo Exchange are here for you whether you are a first-time exchanger, or an experienced investor engaged in a complex transaction.
  • Industry Cooperation: We are a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, the only national trade organization formed to represent qualified intermediaries. Rodeo Exchange is committed to long-term dedication to the FEA and preserving 1031 exchange for taxpayers.


*Rodeo 1031 is a qualified intermediary. Rodeo 1031 Exchange does not provide tax or legal advice, nor can we make any representations or warranties regarding the tax consequences of your exchange transaction. Property owners must consult their tax and/or legal advisors for this information. Our role is limited to serving as qualified intermediary to facilitate your exchange.

Who We Are


Rodeo Exchange was founded by licensed California Real Estate Brokers with over 20 years of commercial real estate finance experience. Located in Beverly Hills, California, Rodeo Exchange’s leadership includes MBAs from UCLA Anderson School of Business, real estate experts, and experts in real estate finance. The management staff has a passion for all aspects of real estate, and the ability to identify real estate financial solutions, and the right 1031 solution for you.