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How to Get an Exchange Started

Contact Rodeo Exchange

Contact Rodeo Exchange by calling (310) 734-7570 or emailing to start an exchange and obtain a forward exchange document package. Exchange document package includes items listed below.

Gather Exchange Documents – This Includes:

  •  Contact information for the taxpayer or point of contact (Email, Phone)
  •  Taxpayer name and address
  •  Title Commitment
  •  Signed Sale Contract (including all addendums)
  •  Organizational Documents (if the property is not held in the name of the individual)
  •  After gathering all of the necessary documentation and information, we will send an exchange agreement to sign and open the exchange. complete all blanks in the Exchange Agreement, the Qualified Escrow Agreement, and the W-9.


*Rodeo 1031 is a qualified intermediary. Rodeo 1031 Exchange does not provide tax or legal advice, nor can we make any representations or warranties regarding the tax consequences of your exchange transaction. Property owners must consult their tax and/or legal advisors for this information. Our role is limited to serving as qualified intermediary to facilitate your exchange.